Choose or Die, you have to survive at all costs

choose or die

You thought Netflix was going to clean up in its horror catalog? That's what you'd think with the announcement of the discontinuation of the hit series Archive 81. And yet, Netflix is not far from a slasher...

And for good reason, this Easter weekend saw the release of the film Choose or Die on April 15, 2022. Special dedication to all those who enjoyed the resurrection in February of the most famous serial killer: the one from chainsaw massacre. It will bleed here too!

The scenario of the film is reminiscent of multiple borrowings from various other scenarios. The Ring if we want to stay in the same register, or even Jumanji. You will understand very quickly...

This is the story of a horror video game from the 80s. It is completely forgotten. But a young coder decides to relaunch it (drum roll)... This sets off a secret curse that destroys everything in its path, but also puts the players against the wall. At first, the young coder thinks she's playing for money, but she soon realizes that she's playing for her own life and that her actions have real (and irreversible) consequences!

So, we have to choose or die...

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That said, if this last paragraph seems to demolish the film from the start, it is in fact quite the opposite. Because beyond this scenario, the director managed to gather a great cast. Iola Evans from The 100, Asa Butterfield from Sex EducationEddie Marsan from the Fast & Furious cartoon, Ryan Gage from The Hobbit, Angela Griffin from White Lines. And even Robert Englund, the famous Freddie. In short, only known faces!