Daydreaming, the promise of Endless Night

Endless Night

August is off to a great start... Netflix is bringing us some new series and movies that will fill up the evenings without aperitif. Among the first to land on the platform, Endless Night. The release is scheduled this Wednesday, August 3.

In this series, a group of teenagers explore the effects of a drug, Icelotropine. The gang steals it from a clinic specialized in sleep disorders. The product comes in the form of small blue pills... No, not those... And when you take it, you fall into a sleep made of dreams and relaxation, while keeping a certain lucidity. In a way, you are daydreaming. Everything goes smoothly until a newcomer joins the little group. The dreams become more mystical and the border between dream and reality begins to blur...

Endless Night will take us between dream and reality

The title comes to us in the form of a mini-series with 6 episodes. Each one lasts about 45 minutes. Moreover, the title is classified as a psychological thriller.

To put in music the whole series, Netflix has trusted David Perrault. The latter puts forward actors in the making and that we have not yet seen especially on screen. The opportunity to discover, perhaps, the next Omar Sy or Sophie Marceau ...

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