Sexify, the new Polish series


Available since a few days, Sexify arouses the interest of Internet users because of its approach and its theme. The series is uncomplicated, focused only on women and reminds of two other very pleasant titles in the same style

The synopsis

This series, of which only one season exists for the moment, follows the journey of a young and ambitious computer science student: Natalia. Natalia is fed up with the diktat of men and all the clichés she is told every day. Moreover, her last semester of study gives her an idea... She wants to develop an application to optimize (female) orgasms. The goal is to win a prestigious contest.

The only problem is that she knows nothing about sex, despite her boiling brain. So she calls on her best friend, Paulina, and her roommate, Monika. Together, they will create an algorithm supposed to optimize the female pleasure...

What we think

This is the second time in less than a year that Polish cinema manages to surprise us. The first time was with 365 Dnia torrid film that followed a mafioso in love. Here, we find the same thematic, and always this same libertarian feeling.

On our side of the border, the actors are totally unknown. But in their country, they are recognized as talented. This shows on the screen. And the trio of shocking actresses only adds to a very well written script.

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Well written, because it is logical and coherent, but also thanks to the development of the arc and its twists. Even if, at times, it is a bit of a stitch-up.