The Wheel of Time, Amazon's answer to Game of Thrones

In case you missed it, Game of Thrones has ended. The Iron Throne may be occupied, but the space the series leaves in the schedule is quite empty. That's enough to give wings to some producers who would like to produce the new fantasy series in vogue. "The Wheel of Time" is clearly a series that wants to position itself in the starting blocks.

In order not to miss the boat, Amazon Prime Video is giving itself the means. The first season barely in the box, the streaming platform has already announced a second season. Even before the launch of the pilot and regardless of the recorded ratings! For the release, it's November 19, 2021. However, the release will be simultaneously in 150 countries!

Good point for this series, it has the field rather free. Netflix has abandoned its project Cursed following disappointing ratings and Outlander is on its last legs. No other major studio has positioned itself yet and that could give this series the edge.

That said, the release schedule is very crowded and success may not be immediate. In December, we expect the Witcheras well as the latest episodes of La Casa de Papel. A few weeks later, it's the turn of Lord of the Rings to arrive. Not to mention the countless Christmas films that will clog up the catalog. The bet is not yet won...

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Nevertheless, the series meets all the criteria that we can expect from fantasy... Medieval universe, quests, magic, creatures of all kinds. In short, The Wheel of Time ticks all the boxes. Especially since the cast is also there with Rosamund Pike, Madeleine Madden, etc.

However, for those who like hemoglobin, the series is slightly less bloody and gory than Game of Thrones... But maybe it's not so bad!