A League Of Their Own, women in the spotlight

a league of their own

Lately, we see that more and more attention is paid to women's sports. You just have to look at the media hype around the Euro 2022 women's soccer tournament to see that it is no longer really a niche sport... When it is shown in prime time on TF1. The same goes for the Tour de France for Women, which has had a great visibility.

In A League of their Own, it is baseball that gets the spotlight. As a major sport in the United States, it is logical that there is a league for women. The series retraces the birth of this league which aroused interest from the start, but also some recalcitrants...

Because looking at the men, it's a whole generation that has started to dream of playing baseball. To achieve this, some women decided to create their own league: the AAGPBL. The acronym stands for All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

In this series, which comes out on August 12, we follow Carson and Max, two women who live their lives to the fullest, both on and off the field. The tone is light, a little bit acerbic and sharp... They have some bite to answer the critics. While focused on baseball, many scenes are shot off the field to provide a story for those who are average baseball fans... Kind of like The Scott Brothers...

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Abbi Jacobson and Chanté Adams play the two main roles. To be discovered very soon!