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The 1899 series was recently added to the Netflix catalog. The project has had many teasers. The creators of the German series Dark, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, conceived this series.

If you like deep plots that leave room for mystery, 1899 will captivate you.

The concept is the same as Dark: to tie knots in the head and set the bar high. The series has the means of its ambitions. Great care has been taken with the photography and the sets.

What is the story of 1899?

1899, a series with a multicultural cast, offers eight episodes. Expect many grey areas. In this series, a boatload of migrants leaves the old continent and heads west. Coming from several European countries, its passengers have identical hopes: to reach the new world and live the American dream. Heading abroad, they see a ship of migrants in trouble. It is here that the adventure turns into a nightmare, when the captain of the Kerberos makes the decision to divert his route to rescue Prometheus ("Prometheus").

When was the 1899 series released?

The series, with 8 episodes of 52 minutes, is available since Thursday, November 17, 2022 on Netflix. 

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What are the opinions of the users of 1899?

Once it was released, the series caused quite a stir on Twitter. Thus, the series quickly gathered a lot of positive opinions. On Allociné, the series is rated 3.1/5 by the internet users. A score above the average but rather mixed.

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