Gemini Man

gemini man

To expand its catalog by the month of AprilNetflix has been picking up some titles left and right, including this Gemini Man. A film released some time ago and which Will Smith plays the lead role. We also find Clive Owen, another Hollywood star and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The pitch

The story follows a former military man, Henry Brogan. He made a career as a sniper, and one of the best, in fact. He then becomes a hitman and his services are in high demand. But every man must retire, and Henry plans to enjoy his retirement in Georgia, near Savannah. But his former employer, a U.S. government agency, doesn't see it that way... For them, Henry is a weapon that must be taken out of harm's way and not left to roam free. So they send the only person capable of killing the veteran: himself, or rather his clone, 30 years younger. Hence the title Gemini man, the twin.

Do we watch or do we zap?

The film is based on a very old scenario that dates back to the 90s when Harrison Ford was still thought to play the main character. But Ang Lee, the director does wonderfully by making a well finished action film, all in finesse, etc. That said, this scenario is not without reminding that of Sniper, both the film with Mark Wahlberg, and the Netflix series. As much to say that the story of the sniper that his former employer wants to eliminate is not revolutionary.

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It is also regrettable that the "cloning" part is rushed and that it is not given more importance, a sort of deus ex machina to justify a younger alter ego.

But for those who like a good dose of action and want to have a good popcorn time, this is the ideal movie!