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the rings of power amazon prime review

Who doesn't know the Lord of the Rings? Will The Rings of Power, a series set in Tolkien's universe and signed by Amazon, be as successful as the cult trilogy?

What is the history of The Rings of Power series?

The series focuses on the conception of the Rings of Power designed by the Elf Celebrimbor, on the conception of the One Ring by Sauron, on the conflicts of the latter with the other peoples (Elves, Men and Dwarves). The island of Númenor is at the center of the plot, as are the Misty Mountains. In this season of The Rings of Power, the heroes fight against the reappearance of evil in Middle Earth.

The budget for each episode was colossal: sixty million dollars. This is unprecedented in history. Series coming from the world of J.R.R Tolkien, the giant Amazon has proceeded to invest 465 million dollars for this series.

When is season 2 coming out?

There is no official release date for the second season of Rings of Power. Most predictions are for 2024.

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What is the cast?

Morfydd Clark plays Galadriel, Sophia Nomvete takes the features of Disa and Robert Aramayo becomes Elrond. Markella Kavenagh is Elanor Brandyfoot while Tyroe Muhafidin plays the character of Theo.

What is the opinion of the Internet users on this series?

Season 1 of The Rings of Power, with eight episodes, was released on September 1, 2022. It is an adaptation of the book "The Lord of the Rings: Appendices" by the famous J. R. R. Tolkien. The series is offered on the Prime Video platform. Count 62 minutes per episode.

The series is rated 2.9/5 on Allociné. The opinions of the Internet users are more than mixed.

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