Disney+: what's new in October 2022

Disney + release

October is not a good month to release new titles. As a result, there are fewer new releases. But that doesn't mean that the quality is decreasing. Thus, on DInsey +, we can discover the new season of Vampirina, but also The Simpsons, which is already in season 33. Among the films, a selection of feature films by Jean-Jacques Annaud puts the director in the spotlight on the platform with big ears

The Good Doctor

This is a series that has been talked about a lot lately. And for good reason, it has already made its arrival on Netflix some time ago. This time, and this month, the slightly autistic doctor arrives on Disney+ to treat his patients. No new seasons, but the first ones, from 1 to 4. Waiting maybe for the last episodes, and more recent.

Werewolf by Night

This is a new feature film from Marvel. Available this October 7, the title explores the life of The Werewolf, known as Jack Russel. A bit like Moon KnightWerewoldf is a kind of anti-hero. And as his name suggests, Jack Russel turns into a werewolf. However, he is not an unknown. Already in the 70s, a comic explored the character. And like in the comic, Werewolf will be hunted by monster hunters.

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New series available on Disney + in October 2022

  • Vampirina (season 3): October 3
  • In Therapy (season 2): October 3
  • The Bear: October 3
  • A Funny Sheriff (season 1 to 3): October 5
  • The Simpson (season 33): October 5
  • Candy: Murder in Texas: October 12
  • Europe from the sky (season 3): October 12
  • Motherland: Fort Salem (season 3): October 19
  • The Amateurs: October 19
  • Damages (season 1 to 5): October 19
  • Spectacular Spider-man (season 1): October 19
  • Spider-Man: The New Adventures (Season 1): October 19
  • Luz à Osville (season 2): October 26
  • The Mysterious Benedict Circle: October 26
  • The Good Doctor (seasons 1 to 4): October 26
  • The kingdom of the Egyptian mummies (season 1): October 26

New movies available on Disney + in October 2022

  • The Secret of the Mummy 1: October 7
  • Mickey and the Legend of the Two Witches: October 7
  • Werewolf by Night: October 7
  • The crazy story of Max and Leon: October 7
  • Grimcutty: the hell of the networks: October 10
  • The Captain: October 12
  • Rosaline: October 14
  • What Binds Us: October 14
  • Maleficent: The Power of Evil: October 21
  • The Bear: October 21
  • Two brothers: October 21
  • Jacquou le Croquant: October 21
  • Terminator: Dark Fate: October 28
  • Tomorrow is ours: October 28
  • Samba: October 28
  • In the shadow of the pyramids: October 28