How to contact Disney + easily?

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Disney+ is available since April 07, 2020. On the SVOD platform, you can find several hundred movies and series. They are both from the historical catalog, as well as new and original products. But like any platform that offers a service to millions of users, it is logical to have, from time to time, a concern. To date, the Disney+ app has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

The customer service

Disney+ has a customer service department to answer users' questions. Many problems can be solved through the Help Center, the FAQ, but sometimes it's easier to have someone online who can guide you through the process. For example: resetting a password, setting up parental controls, cancelling a subscription, etc.

Using the Help Center

There are several ways to contact Disney+. The easiest is necessarily online. To do this, you have to go to the platform and scroll to the very bottom. There, we find the tab "Help Center." There is documentation to answer general problems.

There are several ways to reach Disney+ support

Live chat

But if this does not work, it is possible to reach collaborators via a live chat where you can submit the problem. Within minutes your request is taken care of.

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Contact Disney+ by phone

For the telephone, the icon "call us" is also available. By clicking on it, a number appears: 01 86 65 51 66. Be careful, the number varies if you live in French overseas departments and territories and call charges may apply.

Also note that the help center is only available during certain hours.

Write to Disney

Disney+'s head office is located in the United Kingdom: 3 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersith, London, W6 9PE (+44 208-222-1000)

Disney+ on social networks


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