Ghislaine Maxwell, at the heart of a Netflix mini-series

Ghislaine Maxwell

When we think of sexual predators, we often think of men. However, this is not always the case. In the mini-series that we are dealing with, Netflix focuses on the character of Ghislaine Maxwell, whose personality is difficult to define.

For those who do not know her, she is the wife of Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison a few years ago. The latter is much better known, since he was at the heart of an international scandal that monopolized the attention of the press for months. The man, who was very rich, was also a man with many connections. He knew everyone and organized parties for his numerous acquaintances, often multimillionaires or billionaires. Among them American presidents or Prince Andrew.

Parties unlike any other since they regularly involved young girls, with an emphasis on the "young" more than the "girl."

At first, the attention was focused on the man, then gradually on his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell. The latter would have participated as much in these activities as he did. Sometimes taking advantage of her status of woman to persuade young girls and make them fall in the trap.

Available this November 23, the documentary takes a cold look behind the scenes of this case. The documentary includes interviews with former victims and footage from the period.

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