MotoGP Unlimited: full throttle on Prime

MotoGP Unlimited

To counteract Netflix and its sports documentaries (Hitting the Apex, Formula 1), Amazon launches its own series on the subject. Let's talk about a documentary taking the format of a series, like Formula 1, precisely!

In this first season, the filming teams went to the paddocks to follow the Moto GP teams. We'll tell you right away: it's a blast. Between roaring engines and rev counters on the edge of the breaker, your ears will take a few decibels!

So we embark for a few episodes in the heart of the daily life of the teams of the grid. In order to keep the storytelling going, the docu follows both the young drivers who aspire to become the world champions of tomorrow and the veterans. The latter have been racing for years. They too were young wolves, but they have the experience of the track and know how to measure the throttle to finish on the podium.

And contrary to what we often believe, there are real stakes behind the race. Often financial and linked to sponsors. There are objectives to reach in order to survive and to be present the following season. This responsibility is common, from the driver to the mechanic. This is what the documentary offers us to discover!

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