Nabilla: Without filter, the docu of the reality TV star

nabilla without filter

Amazon Prime Video will make available, this November 26, a documentary that traces the journey of Nabilla. Since her debut in Love is blind until now.

It must be said that the starlet has come a long way. An extraordinary journey that makes all those who want to become influencers dream. Because more than an influencer, she is now a brand in her own right and runs a whole business thanks to her name. A bit like Kim Kardashian.

In the documentary "Nabilla: Unfiltered", we rediscover the one who broke the screen with his "Hello what?" At the time, she had launched this phrase that the public had seized. Often considered as a ninny, she has nevertheless known how to take advantage of it to make a place for herself in the news feeds of people.

The documentary talks not only about this journey, but also about everything that happened on the side. Between her marriage to Thomas Vergara, her son, the controversies and other media battles, her success.

In short, a documentary that smells of reality TV by diving into its intimacy.

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