Woodstock 30 years later, a new documentary by Netflix

woodstock 99

Netflix and documentaries, it's a love story since the beginning of the year. The platform does not stop releasing new documentaries, surfing on creepy and even gory subjects. For August, we will have the right to relive Woodstock 99, the festival that wanted to pay tribute to the original 30 years after ... We suspect, everything did not go as planned!

Woodstock, everyone knows. It was there that the biggest stars made their name, against the background of the war protest and the hippie revolution. 1969 was the year when the youth rebelled against the old order. Among the singers who went through it, we can mention Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Santana. Singers and bands that became mythical.

So, 30 years later, the magic is supposed to resume where it left off. Except that everything is not going to happen exactly as planned... The image that the history of Woodstock leaves us is a place where there was peace, music, sex, drugs, but above all a good atmosphere. Of course, this may not be entirely true, but that's what we remember.

For the 99 edition, the organizers called upon some well-known names of the protest scene of the time. Korn, Rage Against and other bands were present. But their mentality is not exactly the same as 30 years before.

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In fact, the atmosphere was quite different!

Spectators began to criticize an organization that was too commercial, privileging financial income over the spirit of Woodstock. As well as the fights, the fires which enamelled the festival.

To return to this "anthology chaos" as Netflix calls it, 3 episodes are planned. Available from this August 3rd!


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