365 Days sees the birth of a sequel

Hot movie released on Netflix in 2021, 365 Dni receives a sequel which we expect nothing less than its big sister. Here too, it looks sultry. The title of the feature film is 365 Days: The Day After.

The story continues to follow Laura and Massimo and their torrid adventure. But, of course, this film must change everything. Thus, on Massimo's side, it is the family ties that will disturb their relationship. While for Laura, a mysterious stranger will burst into her life. He will be determined to conquer her trust and her heart. According to the official synopsis of the platform in red, this new character should give a new dimension to Laura. The way the viewer perceives her should be turned upside down.

Finally, it should be noted that this sequel is only a sequel, not the end of the story itself. We must therefore expect a third part to complete a trilogy that is definitely hot! On the other hand, we will have to count with the community manager of Netflix who intends to spare his surprises!

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