A nice little romantic comedy with Un accord parfait

a perfect match

In A Perfect Agreement, we find two actors that we could already cross in other series. On one side, we have Adam Demos that we could see in Sex/Life. Besides, we still wait for him in the sequel of the series, but this one is still waiting... Even if Netflix assured that a sequel is planned and that it should be released soon... To complete the duo, the film calls Victoria Justice. She has notably played in A Deadly Afterlife.

So, certainly, the film is not cut out to be a blockbuster. It will rather be classified as a B movie. The kind that we watch, but that does not leave an unforgettable memory. Besides, the scenario is quite conventional and does not revolutionize the genre.

This is the story of a young executive whose ambitions push her to create her own wine business. She heads for Australia where she smells a good deal with the Vaughn Family Wines vineyard.

But as much as she wants to do business with the Vaughn family, they're not that interested. She has too little experience. To prove that she is capable of carrying out her project, she decides to work on the farm.

Inevitably, it is there that she meets Max, played by Demos. He is charming. There is a mutual attraction and there will be misunderstandings that will cast doubt. But we suspect the end that the director has in store for us...

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A film that can be watched without difficulty and that will offer a good moment of relaxation.