Ad Astra, a cosmic odyssey with Brad Pitt

Ad Astra

At the end of this month, Disney+ will release a new film, Ad Astra. Or rather, it is a film already released in 2019 and Disney is picking up the rights to put it on its streaming platform. Headlining this space odyssey is Brad Pitt.

But he is not the only actor known in this film. To give him the line, we will be entitled to actors as talented as Tommy Lee Jones and the inevitable Donald Sutherland, the father of Kiefer.

Brad Pitt plays Roy McBride, a distinguished astronaut. He is sent on a mission, a mission that looks like the last chance since he has the fate of humanity in his hands. Indeed, the latter risks extinction following a terrible electrical surge from Venus. During this journey, he will discover aspects of the human nature and the place of the Man in the universe which will make him become aware of what we are.

For fans of science fiction, who appreciate the genre, the film will not be without interest, even if it refers to several other films and in the end, we have a feeling of déjà vu. It was released 5 years after InterstellarIt does not suffer from the comparison. However, going back in time, the last chance space mission reminds us of the excellent Sunshine or Mission To Mars which already explored the place of man on Earth.

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The mix of different themes hits the bull's eye and we will be seduced by the content as well as the actors in this film!


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