What if the end of the world was tomorrow?

don't look up cosmic denial

The style is a bit stale. Since Armageddon and Deep Impact, Hollywood has not really looked at the apocalyptic genre based on a big meteorite. The kind that kills planets. So, we didn't count on Netflix, which relies on an XXL cast to make the machine move forward and collect views.
XXL casting, it is about it. You name it, it's there. Headliner obliges, the choice of the hero is Leonardo DiCaprio. But Jennifer Lawrence is not far. A compromise that will delight men and women, young and old. Everyone is there. The rest of the casting is not less unpleasant. Jonah Hill, as the acerbic advisor, Meryl Streep as the female president, Cate Blanchett, Kid Cudi, Ariana Grande, Tomer Sisley or the veteran Ro Perlman. It's hard to know when to stop given the number of famous actors! There is an incredible number of "award winners" in this film. It becomes almost indecent.

That said, just because the ingredients are good doesn't mean that the preparation is successful... But not in this case, the film wants to be cynical, real, cruel and yet a comedy. Successful bet here too! The image of the American Empire is flayed, the elites are depicted as they are. We didn't ask more from Adam McKay, who also directed the very good The Big Short.

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In Don't Look Up, Cosmic Denial, two astronomers discover that a giant asteroid is headed for Earth. They try by all means to warn the public. However, everything is almost lost, between the elites who wait (and sweep it under the carpet) and citizens in denial who prefer the screens of their smartphones.

In short, between satyrdom and stereotypes well marked, one does not risk to be bored!