Are the Harry Potter movies available on Netflix?

Harry Potter Netflix

Harry Potter is the saga that has marked the last 20 years, just as Star Wars did in its time. And because we are fans of the little wizard who boarded on platform 9 ¾, we appreciate to watch his movies from time to time. If only to remember our youth.

Are the movies available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no. The Harry Potter movies are not available on Netflix in January 2021. They were last year, though.

Publicity coup, Netflix had acquired the rights to broadcast during the Christmas period 2019. Enough to make many people want to register on the platform to go back to their youth, to make them discover their children, or simply to make a marathon between friends.

Except that a few months later, all the films were removed from the catalog. Netflix no longer has the rights.

These famous broadcasting rights

When a film is produced, it necessarily belongs to someone. For Harry Potter, the rights are shared between several partners. J.K. Rowling who is the writer and who has the rights on the work. As for the broadcasting rights, they belong to Warner Bros.

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Also, when Netflix wants to publish the films in its catalog, it has to agree with Warner Bros. on how much money this represents. It's a big money deal, and it's not always profitable for a company like Netflix to shell out astronomical sums to acquire titles that will only interest subscribers for a few weeks. That's why Netflix only acquired the rights for a short time in 2018.

That said, there is nothing to stop him from repeating the publicity stunt in a few months or years in order to attract new subscribers and build loyalty.

Harry Potter was available on Netflix and may still be available

Harry Potter on another VOD service?

Currently, only the Portuguese and Spanish versions of Netflix have the Harry Potter movies.

It should also be noted that Amazon Prime allows you to stream the entirety of the little wizard's films, much to the delight of fans. And in French! An interesting point, especially since it allows the catalog to expand a bit, which was lagging behind its direct competitor. Note however that the movies are not really integrated in the Prime Video offer, but rather that they can be bought or rented from it.

A series in preparation?

On specialized websites, we hear and read more and more that a Harry Potter series would be in preparation. On its side, Time Warner has so far denied the thing by underlining that no series and no work on the subject was under study or in development. Except that the persistent rumors tend to make believe the contrary. Another strong argument is that series, and particularly streaming, are the new Eldorado for studios. After Disney+ which has declined Star Wars in series and which is about to do the same with the Marvel universe, it is hard to believe that the idea has not passed through the minds of Warner's executives. Especially since Harry Potter is the goose that lays the golden eggs and would be a sure hit!


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