Are Twilight movies available on Netflix?

twilight available netflix

One human girl, one teenage werewolf and the other vampire. This is a radical transformation of a classic love story. Of the two creatures, which one will win the girl's heart. A story that has held millions of readers and viewers spellbound.

The history of the Twilight movies

The films are based on the novels of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. The story takes place in the state of Washington. Even if it is home to some very large companies, the majority of this American state is rural, with forests covering a good part of the surface. So here is the setting of a small peaceful town, Forks, as it is no longer made. At least that's what it seems. This is where 17-year-old Isabella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, lives. She moved there to live with her father.

In her new high school, a group of young people, or rather a brotherhood, intrigues her. They are the Cullens, two girls and three boys, including Edward (Robert Pattinson), with whom she is madly in love. Edward and Isabella begin a relationship, but she is still unaware of his true nature, as he is a vampire.

So much for the first opus of the saga. She will then meet Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) who is part of the werewolves, the rivals of the vampires. Then she will live other adventures in the company of these creatures whose life she would like to share.

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The film series consists of 5 titles:

  • Twilight, chapter I: Fascination, 2008
  • Twilight, chapter II: Temptation, 2009
  • Twilight, chapter III: Desire, 2010
  • Twilight, chapter IV: Revelation, 1re part
  • Twilight, Chapter V: Revelation, 2e part
In July 2021, the entire Twilight movie series entered the Netflix catalog

Twilight movies, available on Netflix?

Yes, Twilight is available on Netflix. And this, since the 1ster July 2021. For the greatest happiness of the fans! The films had already caused a sensation at their respective releases.

With this addition at the beginning of the summer, the streaming platform hopes to fill up with subscribers. Because to have in its catalog a series of films of this scale is expensive in broadcasting rights. It should be noted that the books have been read by more than 100 million people while the cinemas have attracted just as many people ($ 400 million in revenue for the first part alone). The big winner of the operation is undoubtedly Summit Entertainment, the company that owns the rights to the films.

As for how long the threads will remain on Netflix, it's a big mystery. It all depends on the deal negotiated with the company that owns the rights. But Netflix generally refrains from specifying when the films will be released from its catalog, as with the films Harry Potter. Even if it won't happen quickly, those who enjoy this kind of movies should not delay in watching them.


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