Army of the Dead : the opinion of Internet users

army of the dead

Zack Snyder had caused a lot of ink to flow when he released his Justice League a few months ago. Apocryphal for the purists, adulated by others. Zack Snyder does not deviate from his reputation. A reputation forged since his Dawn of the Dead in 2004 where he dared to reinvent the zombie created by Romero in 1978! 17 years later, he reedited the zombie trick with his Army of the Dead on Netflix.

Unsurprisingly, the film is about zombies. Unsurprisingly, a motley crew ventures into an area where they shouldn't to pull off a heist. What happens next, we suspect. Moreover, the trailer leaves little doubt about what will happen throughout the film. In the end, why not, when there are zombies, we like to see them and to see how they are going to munch on fresh flesh... But in front of a scenario sewn of white thread, we imagine that the critic was as much positive as negative. What is it really?

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