Army of the Dead, other films of the genre

army of the dead alternative

Like many people, you have been waiting for the latest Zack Snyder movie. In this case, Army of the Dead. After two hours of the film, you were either delighted or completely devastated. Don't worry, both are defensible. And above all, you are not alone in this notice.

On the one hand, we have Snyder's fans who love his way of revisiting classics and daring to break codes. Just watch Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to understand this. On the other side, there are all the others who see it as a sacrilege in the way the very respectable zombie genre is treated. But then again, with Dave Bautista behind the trigger, should we have expected anything else?

Anyway, you will certainly want to continue in the genre or recover from this turnip with a real zombie movie.

This is not Zack Snyder's first zombie movie

Dawn of the Dead

One of Snyder's first films. Him again... A film from 2004 that contrasts sharply with Army of the Dead. A group of survivors take refuge in a shopping mall where the inevitable happens despite all the precautions taken.

World War Z

A zombie movie with quality showrunners? World War Z is a good choice. It spares some action scenes, a bit of gore and a film developed to be bankable. Available on Netflix too!

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Resident Evil

If there is a series of zombie movies to see, it is this one. In any case, the first movie has become a classic. The sequel is more and more questionable with an Alice that evolves towards science fiction rather than survivalism. However, we still appreciate the universe.