Encanto, the new Disney+ cartoon


It's not only Netflix that produces content for young people and children. Disney+ is doing the same and it's normal, it's its core business after all... In November, Encanto should be released. It will be the 60ème feature film with a planned release in great pomp and which must compete with other productions.

In this cartoon that has just been announced by the streaming platform should be released in November for subscribers.

According to the information that has already been released, the cartoon should take place in the (imaginary of course) kingdom of Kumandra. It was a distant time in a distant land (a bit like Star Wars), where men and dragons lived in peace, in perfect harmony.

Encanto, the latest addition to Disney Studios

Except that one day, an evil beast passes by and sows chaos. The dragons are forced to sacrifice themselves by the hundreds. Centuries later, to help her people, Raya, the chief's daughter, goes in search of the last dragon... A quest that will be fraught with many pitfalls, so that Raya can put an end to the curse.

For this project, the group did not hesitate to put the small dishes in the big. The direction will be signed by the same director as Volt and Rapunzel. It is Byron Howard. The man is known in the industry and considered a pro in the genre. The scenes will be very neat. As for the actors, Mickey's group has already recruited Ben Stiller and Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) for the voices of the characters.

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The feature film is scheduled for release on November 24.