Bac Nord, a French action thriller

north ferry

Bac Nord is one of those films mistreated by the Covid period. Shot and scheduled in theaters in 2020, it was postponed again and again. Until it ended up on the streaming platform Netflix to have a real outlet and find an audience.

What it says

BAC and Nord, both are unavoidable references in popular culture. BAC stands for Brigade Anticriminalité and Nord refers to the famous neighborhood of the same name in Marseille.

The action takes place a few years ago, in 2012. The northern district is one of those quasi-insurgent neighborhoods where the rule of law does not exist. At best, the police try to contain the troublemakers within a defined perimeter to prevent the whole city from flaring up. The hierarchy pushes the BAC Nord to get down on the ground and improve their results. Except that by taking shortcuts, one burns one's wings. And the system is merciless with those who cross the yellow line...

What we think

In the main roles, we find Gilles Lellouche, quite convincing, accompanied by François Civil ("Mon inconnue") and Karim Leklou. Cédric Jimenez is behind the camera.

In this film, the action is everywhere, a bit like in Sweet Girl. Some slower scenes allow us to better understand the characters and to get to know them.

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Of course, they cross the yellow line, but that does not prevent us from appreciating them and understanding their reasons. In the end, we remain on a French film where the spectator is pushed towards a reflection on a theme rather than watching stupidly the action scenes scroll. We appreciate it!