Best Action Movies on Netflix: our Top 10

top 10 action movies netflix

Action movies, there is nothing else that can relax so well. It's typically the kind of movie where you can put your brain off and let the action take you away!


Remake of the previous version with Jean Reno, this one is just as spectacular. Rendezvous again with the giant beast. Still from a nuclear accident, though. The beast impresses by its size and by the chaos it creates in the streets. Battles, destruction and fights are on the agenda. We also particularly appreciate the atmosphere of the film which literally immerses us in it!

Mad Max: Fury Road

Decades after the release of the original, some writers thought it would be good to relaunch the franchise. Gone is Mel Gibson, who has aged too much to be credible in his role. It is therefore Tom Hardy who takes on the role. The film is closer to Beyond The Thunderdome than the first one, but the reboot of the franchise is very successful.

Kong: Skull Island

In the same vein as Godzilla, King Kong is resurrected in a new action packed movie. And especially full of special effects. We appreciate to see the giant ape so well done. As for the story, there is no surprise. A team of scientists lands on an uncharted island and discovers an ape, but also other monstrous creatures.

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San Andreas

If there is one actor who deserves to be highlighted in a top 10 action list, it is Dwayne Johnson. The former MMA star has made his place in the Hollywood sun and is a real bankable actor. The scenario of the film is in one line, as we like in action movies. California is shaken by a powerful earthquake in the San Andreas fault. On the edge of the cataclysm, a pilot does everything he can to rescue his family...

6 Underground

The film is one of the first big productions of Netflix in Originals. For the occasion, the streaming platform had paid Ryan Reynolds for 20 million dollars in fees. On the other side of the camera is Michael Bay. Result: explosions, shootings and chases. But it's all for a good cause, as the group of 6 seeks to eliminate the worst criminals on Earth. It seems that a sequel is in production.

American Sniper

The action takes place in the Iraqi conflict of the 2000s. One of the snipers of the marines, Chris Kyle, goes back in his memories. The action is very gripping, but it is diluted by flashbacks and introspection of the soldier. The genre is surprising, but is masterfully directed by Clint Eastwood. In the same vein as Gran Torino. No need for special effects, Bradley Cooper, a good script and an ultra-hard atmosphere is quite enough.

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The Old Guard

Another Netflix original movie, The Old Guard made a big entry into the catalog in 2020. It benefited slightly from the containment, but it didn't need that to be a blockbuster. We find Charlize Theron in the cast, playing Andromache The Scythian. She is part of a group of immortals who chase bad guys through time. Given the end, everyone will have understood that a sequel is more than envisaged!

Criminal Squad

Dive into the world of bank robbers. Not just any bank robbers, the best ones. Of the kind, former soldiers reconverted into crime. A pleasure to find 50 cent, O'Shea Jackson Jr. in bad guy roles. But also Gerard Butler in the role of the alcoholic cop, in the middle of a divorce and professionally on a dead end. The hunt is on and will see a few (hundreds) of cartridges emptied on the ground...

Spenser Confidential

For this film, Netflix has offered the services of Mark Wahlberg against a very large check. How to say no, to this action comedy that convinces by its scenario and the way it is filmed. Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) gets out of prison after a conviction. Prison, when you're a cop, is not a vacation... So he sets out to find the truth and find the real culprits.

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Or Shaft from father to son, as it were. J.P. Shaft is a police officer investigating the death of a black student. The culprit is young and rich. Faced with a two-tiered justice system, John Shaft's nephew (or son, as we learn later) enlists the services of his father to achieve his ends. A Shaft interpreted here by Samuel L Jackson that we always adore.