Best Anime Movies on Netflix : Our top 10

best anime film netflix

Fan of manga and Japanese culture? Netflix has thought of you by adding many anime in series or movie format. You can dive into the best titles of the time, as with My Neighbor Totoro, or stay in the most contemporary with Naruto, for example,

My neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is the classic anime film par excellence. The film dates from 1988, but is worth a Disney for the purists of the genre. It is one of the classics that must be seen and that all Japanese have seen at least once in their lives. To summarize the film, it is the story of two girls who spend their vacations at their father's house, their mother being hospitalized. There, in the countryside, they discover another world.

The journey of Chihiro

Chihiro is a little girl who decides to venture into a magical world. This world is ruled by a wicked witch, a bit like in Alice in Wonderland. She reigns as an absolute master and turns those who do not obey her into animals. Despite a synopsis that can be frightening, this is an anime film for the family.

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Princess Mononoke

Another classic anime film, Princess Mononoke follows the adventures of a... prince. And not a princess. This prince is afflicted with a deadly disease. He must find a cure. To do this, he goes in search of this remedy in a country where two camps oppose. On the one hand, the mining town. On the other hand, the animals of the forest. Between the two, his quest.

Porco Rosso

In French, this could be translated as Cochon rouge. And if the title refers to Italy, it is because the action takes place in Italy. Indeed, Porco Rosso is an Italian aviator, half man, half pig. He is the only one who dares to stand up to the sky pirates who terrorize the Adriatic Sea region. The film is very imaginative.

Naruto Shippuden: the movie

At first a manga, the Naruto concept quickly passed to anime to be shown on TV. At the same time, the creators have also made some movies, including this one. We find the famous ninja Naruto, always dressed in orange. He comes here to help the leader of a village. That of the last of five villages, 4 of which have already been reduced to ashes. It will take courage to protect what remains.

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The travelling castle

Sophie is a teenager. While she should be playing with her friends, she is stuck in her dead father's hat store. Her life is not very exciting and she would like to enjoy her life. She didn't expect to have so many adventures when a spell hit her and turned her into an old woman. She must then embark on a quest...

Pokemon: Mew-Two Strikes Back

Pokemon are like Naruto, a phenomenon. Except that here, it is a game on console, then a card game before being an anime and a movie. Well... Several movies. Because we can't count any more the derivative products of the franchise. It is difficult to mention them all, except for this opus which is one of the latest. In this movie, Sacha will have to face the legendary Mew-Two and Team Rocket.

Nausicaä, the valley of the wind

Nausicaä plunges us into a dystopian world, as some films might do. Here again, the film is aimed at the whole family and is affordable for the youngest from 7 years old. The heroes of the film live in a world facing the disappearance of natural resources. It is then that Princess Nausicaä takes up arms against an enemy queen, in a struggle of good against evil.

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The end of Evangelion

Evangelion is a series, but this title is a movie, hence its place in this top. As for Naruto and Pokemon, a movie has been made from it. If the movie is really worth the detour, watching it without knowing the universe has little sense. It is therefore preferable to dive into this cyberpunk world via the series available in the catalog. It is cult in Japan, as much for its reflections as for its bloody scenes. The End of Evangelion is the conclusion of the anime,

The castle in the sky

In this adventure film released in 1986, two young people go in search of an island. This island, it seems, contains great wealth. It is this treasure that the young girl and the young boy covet. The film takes the audience, young and old, into a wonderful imaginary world.