Best Documentary Films on Netflix : Our top 10

top 10 netflix documentaries

Netflix is about movies and series. But they are also a lot of documentaries on a whole range of subjects. From the most famous robberies to serial killers, from the automotive world to world wars. Here is a small top 10 of the best documentaries to watch on Netflix.

The extraterrestrial worlds

We are swimming here in science fiction rather than in truth. The documentary transposes the laws of life as we know them to extraterrestrial planets. Thanks to satellites, new planets, exoplanets, are discovered almost every week. And if life existed on them. What rules would it follow? And what would it look like? Many hypotheses and a background of science to make us travel.

Last Chance U: Basketball

In this documentary, Netflix focuses on a very popular sport in the United States, basketball. The format of Last Chance U had already dwelled on American soccer. The channel has decided to explore another sport. We dive into the basketball of small American universities, those where you have to work hard to try to break through. We follow the athletes in their training, their games and the championship.

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The wisdom of the octopus

Following a depression, Craig Foster, the director of this documentary, decides to return to his home in Cape Town. He was used to filming the most dangerous animals on the planet, but here he is in a completely different life. He explores the seabed of the region. It must be said that it is the natural habitat of many dangerous species. However, he meets an octopus. It will give him a life lesson, from which he will learn.

Hot girls wanted: turned on

The documentary is already a few years old and we don't present it anymore... It follows the girls who get involved in the adult film industry. With, inevitably, all the trashy drifts that it implies. Turned on, is the sequel that Netflix offers to this documentary. Being relatively long, Netflix decided to cut it into several chapters, 6 in total. It addresses, again, the working conditions of these actors, but also how the Internet has changed the consumption of gender.

The Night Stalker: Manhunt in California

In 1985, California is shaken by a series of murders and sexual assaults. A stifling heat plunges the city, but that does not prevent a serial killer from raging. At first glance, nothing connects them. Young, old, male, female, black or white, all profiles exist. But thanks to an investigative work, we will succeed in tracing Richard Ramirez.

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November 13: Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

November 13, like the one in 2015, when several attacks shook Paris. At the Bataclan, in the street, at the Stade de France. The terrorist attacks left more than 130 dead and hundreds injured. Not to mention the millions of traumatized people and families torn apart. This documentary gives a voice to those who survived, to those who went to the scene and to former members of the government. It is necessary to have a strong heart to watch it until the end.

The Watts Case: Chronicle of a Family Killing

To stay in the register of the bloody, there is still this documentary. In Colorado, a woman and her two daughters disappear. The father of the family will reveal his true personality through interrogations and videos. Because the documentary is based on facts and does not hesitate to share messages, recordings of law enforcement, etc.. All this gives a hyper realistic atmosphere for a real dive into the intimacy of this family.

In the kingdom of the beasts

This is the documentary of 2020 that you should not miss! We dive into the world of Tiger King. This is the story of a guy, Joe Exotic, who runs a zoo, one of the biggest in the United States. He is passionate about big cats, even if it means collecting them! And that's without counting his mullet, his tattoo and his look. Almost out of a comic book... Today, Joe Exotic is serving a 22 year sentence for murder, a detail in his resume!

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Room 2806: the DSK case

While in France, we are preparing for the 2012 presidential elections, a drama is about to unfold. Sarkozy is high in the polls, and his ready-made opponent in the PS is DSK, then director of the IMF. Except that he will be arrested at the airport, manu militari, for sexual assault. Indeed, a Sofitel chambermaid accused him of rape and sequestration. A hyper-media trial follows, which this documentary revisits.

Hitting the apex

This 2-hour documentary looks at the world of MotoGP between 2005 and 2012, when the podium is dominated by Valentino Rossi. It's an era of great names, somewhat forgotten today, but who have marked the history of motorcycle racing. Throughout the thread of history, the documentary plays archive footage and interviews.