Best Comedy Movies on Netflix : Our top 10

best comedy film netflix

There's nothing like sitting in front of your TV and watching a good comedy. It's a great way to unwind after a long day at work. And Netflix has the gift of producing very good original comedies while also having those of other production studios

Coffee & Kareem

It's a little comedy released in 2020 that has found a second wind on Netflix. It features a less than talented cop doing his job in Detroit. His life is monotonous until he sees his new teammate. The one he never wanted to have: the son of his girlfriend. Between their arguments, they manage to stumble upon a criminal plot that will embark them in hilarious adventures.

Game Over Man!

This is the story of three friends. They are lazy, untalented and have their heads in the clouds. They see themselves as stars, but are stuck in their little jobs. Except that one day, the hotel where they work is attacked by terrorists. Strangely enough, they become ruthless. We have a little taste of Tour Monparnasse infernale while watching this film...

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Eurovision Son Contest : The story of Fire Saga

Fire Saga is an unknown Icelandic band. They are already not numerous in Iceland, but even there, they do not see the group representing their country at the Eurovision. However, it is the dream of the two singers of the group, played by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. By a lucky chance, they are still chosen as representatives. A turn of events that takes them on a journey through Europe and the songs.

The memoirs of an international assassin

An American writer publishes a detective story. It was supposed to be a fiction... But the publisher preferred to publish it as a true story. The only problem for the writer is that now he has killers after him. A thing for which he is (necessarily) not prepared! We find the great Kevin James as we love him, but also an appearance of Andy Garcia that will delight fans of the actor.

The Do-over

In this comedy with Adam Sandler, we relax throughout the hour and a half of film. Adam Sandler plays a bank manager. He is not really passionate about his job, and he lets a friend convince him to pretend to be dead. It's an opportunity for him to start all over again. Except that it will not happen as he had initially imagined ...

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The Ridiculous 6

Another comedy with Adam Sandler. We must admit that the man is a master in the genre. This time, we are plunged into the Wild West. An outlaw is kidnapped. His son, Tommy Lame-Fatale, sets out to free him. On the road, he discovers 5 other brothers to form a gang of 6. Except that together, they look more like a bunch of broken arms than a gang of killers...

The last mercenary

Recently released on Netflix, the feature film calls on the martial arts legend, Jean-Claude Van Damme. At ease with the register of comedy, the actor shows us all the same that he has lost nothing in combat technique. He who, in this film, must protect his son from the French secret service. A comedy where we also find Eric Judor, Alban Ivanov, Miou miou or Patrick Timsit.


It's almost the holidays. And in this period, there is nothing worse than being single. But this is the case of a young girl whose mother is determined to introduce her to her future husband. To escape this family pressure, she meets a stranger to play the comedy to her family. For the coming holidays and all the others... until feelings appear...

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The Kissing Booth

This comedy was so successful, that it saw a second and then a third edition. third opus to be released. It is the story of Elle who realizes that she loves a boy after a first kiss. The only problem is that the boy is her best friend's brother. Yet, together, they had established rules not to be broken, and here she is breaking them. The two sequels are just as funny and remain in the same theme of the discovery of love.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Who doesn't know the famous game Jumanji. This game where you can die while playing. In the original, Robin Williams is the hero. In the sequels released in 2017 and 2019, Dwayne Johnson is the hero. This reboot is about 4 teenagers who don't get along and who find themselves stuck in the game. A game in which they will discover commonalities and end up understanding that it is together that we can succeed, and therefore survive.