Best animated movies on Netflix: Our top 10

animation film netflix top 10

Animated films are a huge success with the public. Although they are not always or only aimed at the youngest, this is still a target audience! That said, some animated films have managed to cross the decades without taking the slightest wrinkle, like the Disney films, or My Neighbor Totoro.

My neighbor Totoro

This is undoubtedly the most popular animated film on Netflix since its release. In this movie, two girls discover a new environment after a move. On the family side, they are a bit lost... Their mother is sick and is being treated in a hospital while their father made them move... But this nature, in which they find themselves, is populated with magical beings. It is there that they meet Totoroa creature that will make them see the world differently.

The 5 legends

In this animated film, we rediscover our childhood stories. The five legends are those that made our childhood. The tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Santa Claus and the sandman join forces to fight a great villain. The latter wants to take away all the children's dreams to create a world of nightmare... Jack Frost will probably be the key to defeat him!

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Jesper is in mailman school. But he is probably the worst in his class. As a result, he is transferred to an island, far to the north. There he meets Klaus, a kind of carpenter living as a hermit. This meeting turns their lives around! A superb film that deals with difference and loneliness in a playful way, but that also offers a wonderful Christmas tale for young and old alike!

Kung-Fu Panda

Who doesn't know the most famous of the pandas ? Having always wanted to become a kung fu master, a young panda decides to attend a ceremony. Following a series of bad decisions, he finds himself with heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. But nobody believes in him! However, with the help of his master and a lot of perseverance, he will perhaps manage to be worthy of his destiny. Netflix also offers us the sequels of this great animated movie.


This is the story of circus animals. They have known nothing but cages and circus tricks. But then their boat runs aground and they find themselves on the wild coast of Madagascar. There, they will discover the true nature and their true natures. While getting acquainted with the local fauna who wonder where these strange zigotos come from!

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It is undoubtedly the most mythical animated film of the last decades. In contrast to Disney's The Snow Queen, this is the story of a hero who didn't look like one: an ogre. Accustomed to living alone in his swamp, he sets out to save a princess with unexpected friends: the donkey. Together, they will live extraordinary adventures. Proof that you don't have to be Prince Charming to be a prince charming!

The dragon-genius

Din had a friend. But as they grew up, they lost touch. Now, as a teenager, he would like to renew his friendship with her. However, his childhood friend has become a star and he doesn't know how to approach her. It is then that he meets a dragon-genius who will help him in his quest.


Dragons are part of the daily life of this small island. It is inhabited by Vikings. Between Vikings and dragons, cohabitation does not exist. They have been fighting against each other for almost ever. Moreover, one of the most popular jobs is to be a dragon hunter. This is the job that Harald, the son of the chief, learns. It is then that he meets his supposed prey.

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Trip to the moon

Produced by a Chinese studio, the story is set in Chinese mythology. A young girl who has lost her mother sets out to reach the Moon. With her rocket, she will live extraordinary adventures in a fairy world. This journey will allow her to find herself, to accept the world and to be able to live with her sorrows, but also her aspirations!

The journey of Chihiro

All children make up stories and like to live in a fantasy world. But what happens when that fantasy world actually exists? This is what happens to Chihiro. The little girl ventures out and discovers a world where a terrible witch reigns. This one transforms all those who disobey her into animals. Chihiro will have to set out on a quest to free the unfortunate ones and deliver them from the wicked witch.