Best Fantasy Movies on Netflix : Our top 10

top 10 fantasy movies netflix

Sometimes a fantasy movie is a good way to escape from a very real everyday life. This kind of movie makes us live extraordinary adventures, as it doesn't exist and immerses us in a different reality.

Jupiter: the fate of the universe

Men have conquered space. The ultra-rich live on a distant planet. From there, they share the universe and decide its fate. And therefore the fate of the Earth. On Earth, precisely, lives Jupiter Jones. The story starts when 3 bounty hunters land on Earth to kidnap Jupiter who is, it seems, not such a harmless girl...

Star Trek Into Darkness

The film is a product of the franchise, the second film since the relaunch, and is set in the universe of the Federation and the Klingons. What we like is the very charismatic side of the antagonist: Khan. Interestingly, it is Benedict Cumberbatchthe famous Dr Strange who embodies him. He will be pursued by Captain Kirk and his team. We also note the signature of JJ Abrams who gives a real plus to this film that is not limited to fans of Star Trek.

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The film is undoubtedly one of the great films produced in recent years, until it becomes a reference. This is why the film deserves to be seen. In front of the camera, we find Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh. They respectively play Lena, an army biologist, and a psychologist. They both go on an operation to find Lena's missing husband, Sergeant Kane. Except that the search area is in fact the site of an asteroid crash, a contaminated zone where the DNA of living forms is transformed. The twists and turns are significant, and that's the most important thing!


This is the story of Damian Hale, a billionaire architect. Wealthy, he will nevertheless die of cancer. Until he is offered another solution, that of "moulting." As for the snakes, it is a question of changing envelope and obtaining a new identity; younger necessarily. The only obligation is to take a drug every day. This dream, he succumbs to it. Except that after months of idleness in New Orleans, he forgets his pill and starts to have visions. This is the beginning of a quest for identity.


The film is a little dated, but remains a reference in the fantasy film. Notably thanks to the very good acting of Keanu Reeves. The story is based on the comic book Hellblazer and John Constantine, the exorcist. Because that's his job. He sends back to hell the demons that try to escape. Besides his daily work, the Spear of Destiny has resurfaced and the demons are determined to use it to bring the son of Satan to Earth.

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Death Note

The film is based on the manga of the same name, which was an almost instant bestseller. It tells the story of a young boy who discovers, by chance, a notebook. He realizes that this notebook is that of a demon and that the people whose names are written in it die. A practical tool for revenge, but above all a power to which it is easy to succumb. Indeed, one can very quickly take himself for God. Faced with him, a detective who intends to stop him.

Love and Monsters

The film is clearly post-apocalyptic in the fantasy genre. Clearly, humanity has been almost wiped out. From gigantic animals and monstrous appeared following the use of atomic missiles. These giant creatures are so disproportionate that the men could not do anything and took refuge in the depths. It is in this world that Joel decides to leave his underground shelter to join his high school sweetheart 130 km away... Alone with a dog and some other intrepid people.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

If there is a fantastic film for children, it is probably this one. Mowgli, in animated film version, follows the main lines of the cartoon. With a few differences though. The film plunges us into the fantastic universe of the jungle, the dangers it represents, and the initiatory journey it is for this young boy surrounded by animals. A nice way to go back to childhood. Be careful though, the film is quite scary.

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Midnight in the universe

It's George Clooney's return to the screen. Augustine Lofthouse is a sick scientist who lives in his observatory in the Arctic Circle. He must make contact with a spaceship that has returned from a two-year mission, but is unaware of the disaster that has occurred on Earth. Midnight, here refers to the time at which humanity disappears.

Project Power

Project Power is the opportunity to see Jamie Foxx in a fantastic movie. In a world similar to ours, a pill/drug is circulating. Apparently, it gives fantastic powers to those who take it (invisibility, superhuman strength, etc.). But it also kills others. Given the devastation, a former soldier, a cop and a drug dealer go in search of the pill's inventor.