Best Movies for Kids on Netflix: our Top 10

top 10 kids movies

Netflix has understood that children are their future. That's why the streaming platform is developing its catalog to the maximum to satisfy the little ones. This is evidenced by some very good cartoons and original films worthy of the real studios.


Paddington is an animated comedy that is the screen adaptation of the written adventures of Paddington Bear. It is in the 60s that an explorer discovers bears in the forest of Peru. Years later, their nephew lands in London and is welcomed by the Brown family. Behind the cartoon is a real moral, that of the difference and the way we treat the Other, the one who comes from elsewhere.

On the way

Home, from its original title is an animated film from DreamWorks. The casting is to fall since Jennifer Lopez, RihannaSteve Martin and Jim Parsons lend their voices to the soundtrack. Here, the Earth is threatened by an alien invasion. Humans are rounded up before being sent to camps, while the aliens take over the Earth. All of this is done in a watered-down way so as not to scare children. However, a teenager, Tif, escapes this gathering and befriends an alien.

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The American film features a dog, a real one, not a CGI. The dog, will help a brother and sister to overcome the trials in a family that does not quite work anymore. The film is not going to revolutionize the genre, it's a remake after all. What's more, it didn't make a big score at the box office, which limits its scope. However, it seduces to spend a moment with the family.

The dragon-genius

A Sino-American production, the film from Columbia and Sony seduces. It is not the first film that comes from Asia, but we feel that the Middle Kingdom is trying to create a know-how. That it will be able to make recognized to the rest of the world. The story is based on the Asian culture, but we can nevertheless understand it. In this film, a young man wishes to find the friendship of a girl he once knew and will be helped in his quest by a dragon who grants wishes.


This is a fantasy film for children. If we know the stories of Peter Pan, the film is inspired by the character. It tells the story of this character who refuses to grow up, from his birth, until his arrival in the land of wonders. A country that is not as magical as he was promised, since Blackbeard reigns there with an iron fist.

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Hansel & Gretel, secret agents

Long gone are the days when Hansel and Gretel left little pieces of bread behind to find their way home. Today, they are secret agents. Or rather, she is a secret agent and he is a thief. However, a mission will bring the two brother and sister together so that they can find each other and save the world (of course).

The Christmas chronicles

Let's say it right away, the film has a sequel. Just as funny by the way. It's Christmas Eve, Teddy and Kate want to film the arrival of Santa Claus. But they cause an accident and Santa's sleigh crashes. Now they have to save Christmas so that children all over the world get their presents.

The five legends

When we are little, we believe in fairy characters. That's Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman. That's 4. Yes, no one believes in Jack Frost. Yet he is real. When Pitch the Boogeyman puts the children's dreams in danger, the 5 legends will band together to keep the fairy tale going. The story is not without morals, just as it is not aimed at a too young audience, at the risk of being scared.

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The Princess of Chicago

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. But a young princess dreams of not having a title and of living free. That's when she discovers a look-alike in Chicago. The American pastry chef willingly swaps places with the princess, who is about to have some funny adventures in the palace, while the princess finally gets a taste of freedom. With Vanessa Hudgens in the role of the princess / pastry chef.

Alvin and the chipmunks

The chipmunks have been making us laugh for years, and rightly so, since they have a lot of success and a few movies to their credit. Why not introduce them to children so that they can laugh and dance with these funny chipmunks? For adults, it is an opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation, but also a soundtrack that recalls the years 1990 -2000.