Best French Movies on Netflix : Our top 10

best french film netflix

In its conquest of the world, Netflix has not forgotten to add some French films to its catalog. Vintage films, but also new ones that are released every month in the same way as other films and series.

The city of fear

The great classic of French cinema is available on Netflix. If you are one of the few people who have never seen this movie, this is your chance to catch up. And to dive into this crime thriller where a serial killer imitates the movie he is a fan of by murdering projectionists. We find all the great names that made the French cinema with Alain Chabat, Dominique Farrugia, Chantal Lauby, Sam Karmann, Gerard Darmon.

What did we do to God 2?

No, Netflix does not have the first part of this film. But the second one is just as excellent with a Chantal Lauby in great shape and an epic Christian Clavier... This time, the 4 girls of the couple decide to go abroad with their different partners. In Asia, in Africa, in Israel. To avoid this, Marie and Claude resort to various stratagems to make everyone stay in France.

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Immediate disembarkation

We find Ary Abitton in this film and Medi Sadoun. Both in the cast of Le Bon Dieu 2 as well. Medi Sadoun plays an undocumented immigrant who must be escorted back to his country. Ary Abittan is the customs officer who must escort him back. On the way, nothing goes as it should and the two companions will have to do against all odds ... In the hope of returning to France.


Almost everything is said in the title of the film. Direction Amsterdam, a city that is well known for its drugs and the legality of their consumption. And therefore, inevitably, with an underworld that runs the business. Kev Adams and his friends go there with a drug dealer he tries to seduce. The drug dealer is supposed to carry out a mission, but everything is going to turn quickly to the catastrophe for the young people.


In this 2009 film, we find Gad Elmaleh at the height of his fame. He plays a millionaire, Coco, who has managed to make it on his own like a big man. He is eccentric, which pleases many people. Ultra popular, his world turns upside down when he is discovered to have a heart disease. He then becomes ultra selfish to the great displeasure of all. To accompany Gad, we have Jean Benguigui, Manu Payet and some other regulars of French comedies.

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I am not an easy man

Vincent Elbaz lives as he pleases. He seduces women, does not hesitate to fall in love with several at the same time. A true macho. But here he is, waking up in a world completely turned upside down. From one day to the next, he is transported to a world ruled by women. He decides to assert his masculinity against a woman who considers him a vase, or at best a potential sex object. A funny comedy that takes a look at machismo and feminism.

Depression and buddies

This is the story of a group of friends who have known each other forever. One day, one of them, Frank, has a breakdown. His friends are of course there to support him and help him through this moment. But they too undergo an existential crisis that makes them question themselves. The film takes the viewer from twist to twist while not neglecting the seriousness of the depression.

The ascent

The film is inspired by real facts without specifying which. In any case, Ahmed Sylla is a young French-Senegalese man who decides to climb Everest. The challenge is not for everyone. And if he embarks on it, it is only to impress the one he loves. His challenge turns into a media phenomenon, something he had not quite imagined at first, coming from a very modest background.

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Tomorrow it all begins

Omar Sy signs here one of the most powerful dramatic comedies of recent years. In the film, he is a great party animal, who enjoys life and what it has to offer. Except that one day, one of his exes shows up to leave him the child he would have had with her. He embarks on a journey to find the woman in London and return the baby to her. But he ends up getting attached to this child.

Tanguy, the return

Tanguy is a movie phenomenon that has left its mark on the French language. As a proof, today, one is a Tanguy when one stays a long time at his parents' house. In the return, an unexpected sequel, we still find the parents (Sabine Azéma and André Dussolier). But this time, while Tanguy has been away in China for years, he returns to France. His marriage is on the rocks and he finds refuge with his parents, who don't really want him to stay long...