Best Gay Movies on Netflix : Our top 10

best gay film netflix

Netflix has content for everyone. In this regard, the platform offers gay and LGBT content with some award-winning titles. Most are recent films and series, where the integration of an LGBT character is almost systematic, which was not the case before the 1990s...

Call me by your name

In this 2017 drama, a young boy, Elio Perlman, spends his summer at his family's home. He is young, shows maturity in many ways, but knows little about love. Then his father decides to take in a foreign student, Olivier. The latter is American and has come to prepare a doctoral thesis. Older, he will become a figure for Eliot who will develop a strong bond with him.

The Boys in the band

It's the story of seven gay friends who get together for one of their friends' birthday. This 2020 film features Jim Parsons, the actor from The Big Bang Theory, in its cast. It is a kind of closed-door film, where all the action takes place in one room. Logical since it is an adaptation of a play. During the whole birthday party, some truths will come out, whether we want to hear them or not.

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King Cobra

King Cobra is a biographical film. It is also an adaptation of the book Cobra Killer by Andrew Stoner. It tells the life of the actor Brent Corrigan and the murder of Bryan Kocis. At the time, Bryan Kocis was a producer of gay porn films via his label Cobra Video. Diving into the world of gay porn, with some scenes hot.


No, the title is not misspelled. This film saw the tragic death of the actor Dhruv Ganesh shortly after the shooting, due to tuberculosis. In this, the film is dedicated to him. In the film, he plays Sahil, an artist living in New York, who has just had an argument with his boyfriend Alex. To comfort him, Jai comes to visit him for a few days. A complicated relationship is born.


Jonas is a French LGBTQ film with Félix Maritaud and Nicolas Bauwens among others. The actors are not very well known, but that does not prevent them from being on screen and convincing with their performances. The film returns in flashback to Jonas' memories of his teenage love story with Nathan. Nathan being a boy, impulsive, perverse and irresistible.

Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove is the name of the main hero. Like many gay men, he realizes that he is not straight when he loses his virginity to his girlfriend Claire. It is at the same time that he meets Eliott, an adorable boy who is attracted to him. Alex is torn between homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality. It all seems very complicated to him!

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If you knew

The film is meant to be a romantic comedy, even though it deals with the complicated subject of discovering one's sexual identity. As a favor to one of her friends, Ellie Chu starts writing love letters to him. Letters to his girlfriend. Except that in the course of the letters, it is herself who falls in love and describes her own feelings through the letters of another.

A secret love

Nowadays, it seems that everything is allowed and accepted. That being openly gay is not a real concern and that people close to you will understand (for the most part). But this was not the case a few decades ago. It was not the case for these two women... They hid their love all their lives. But in old age, revealing one's homosexuality is not so simple. This is an intimate and touching documentary film.

Flakes of love

It's winter and Christmas night is freezing. It is with such weather that a group of high school students meet for the vacations. The time to talk about their friendship, their loves. And why not to make new choices in life or to assume who they really are by speaking out. This is the choice that the teenagers make in this romantic comedy.

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Handsome Devil

Who is this handsome devil described in the film's title? Is it Ned? Or is it Conor? The two boys are Irish teenagers. Everything is against them. One is a star on campus thanks to his athletic physique. The other is the dark loner. In principle, nothing should attract them... Except that they become friends and feel a strong bond for each other.