Best Award-Winning Movies on Netflix: Our Top 10

award-winning films netflix

Netflix, it's a lot of series for teenagers, like My First Times or Sex EducationIt's also a lot of old movies. But we also forget that Netflix has acquired the rights to quite a few films over the years, some of which are true masterpieces, awarded at the Oscars, Cannes and many other festivals.

The Irishman

This is undoubtedly the award-winning film that values Netflix the most. Indeed, it is an original production of the streaming platform. In order to compete for the Oscars, Netflix did not hesitate to release it in theaters, since it is a requirement.

Here we are talking about a feature film directed by Martin Scorceses. And which features iconic actors: Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci. The visual effects are also present in number. In total, the film has collected 10 nominations, but did not manage to get any statuette ...

Marriage Story

Despite a marriage that no longer holds together, the family stays together to help their children grow up. A drama that takes a raw look at the sacrifices one can make for their loved ones. The lead actors were both nominated. They are Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. But it was Laura Dern who won the Oscar for her supporting role.

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Note also the music of Randy Newman.


This social drama produced in 2020 looks back at 1930s Hollywood. Filmed in black and white as for The Artist, it is the semi-fictional story of Herman "Mank" Mankiewicz who fails to finish his script. The script of Citizen Kane which will become a reference.

Played by Gary Oldman, Mank clings to his assistant Rita as he remembers his wife and her lover in flashbacks.

Ma Rainey's blues

Ma Rainey is the one who is nicknamed the mother of the blues. Played by Viola Davis, we go back to the Chicago of the 20's, with its splendor and its decadence.

The film is also the opportunity to see the last film with Chadwick Boseman, the famous Black Panther. The actor died just after this film, at the age of 43. He plays an impulsive trumpet player who is plagued by his demons.

The film was nominated for the performances of its actors.


The film takes on the air of Romeo and Juliet in a segregated Mississippi. A white family and a black family have to face together the prejudices of the others. All this, in an atmosphere of World War II. The period film retraces very well the difficulties encountered in these southern states...

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Dee Rees became the first black woman nominated for best screenplay with this film. Ditto for Rachel Morrison and her nomination for best cinematography. Finally Mary J Blige received the congratulations for her second role and the original music.


It's impossible to write a top 10 award-winning film without mentioning Alfonso Cuaron. Thanks to Netflix, we can watch his masterpiece in black and white. In this film, we follow the footsteps of a maid in 1970s Mexico.

A no-holds-barred portrait that can be shocking at times, but is touching at others. The film won three statuettes including Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Language Film.

The Edge of Democracy

Released in 2019, the film oscillates between first-person narrative and documentary. There is archival footage and narration, while following the daily lives of Brazilians. There is a real mix between the genres. In the end, the documentary is nominated for an Oscar.

The documentary tells the story of the rise of populism in Brazil as a result of corruption cases linked to presidents. The aim is to raise the alarm about the phenomenon.

The two Popes

Two popes have never been seen before. One only becomes pope when the previous one dies. However, this is not the path chosen by Benedict XVI who decided to give up his pontificate in favor of a more idealistic successor, Pope Francis. In the roles of the two popes, we find Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. Behind the camera is Fernando Meirelles. Both actors have been nominated for Oscars for their respective roles.

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The Blind Side

Lighter than the previous films, The Blind Side is a comedy-drama carried by Sandra Bullock. She won the Oscar for best actress for this film in 2010. She plays a white mother, in a wealthy family that has no worries. She befriends a young African-American man on the street and helps him get back into school.

A touching film, accessible to all, which shows that we can achieve anything when people believe in us.


Ben Affleck is both in front of and behind the camera in this film. A film that incidentally won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2013 and Best Original Screenplay for Chris Terrio.

The action takes place during the Iranian revolution in 1979. Militants take American citizens hostage, but six of them take refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador. The CIA devises a plan to repatriate them.