Best Romantic Movies on Netflix: our Top 10

romantic movies

What could be better than watching a romantic comedy on the couch in good company. Ideal for a Netflix & Chill, for example. Or simply for a relaxed evening without too much suspense. Because we all know, more or less, the end of these movies.

Kissing Booth

It is one of the most watched movies on Netflix. It's an adaptation of a novel. Two children grow up together and make it a rule never to fall in love with each other. Except that love can't be ordered and Elle starts to have feelings for Noah.

What we also like, beyond the Rose's watery scenario, is the acting and the numerous references to cult films of this type.

To all the boys I've loved

It's the story of a teenager who writes a love letter to each boy she has loved. A kind of diary in letter format. Except that one day, all these letters are mailed. From there starts a funny and romantic movie that keeps a good mood.

We also appreciate not having all the clichés of the genre following one another. Instead, the film focuses on what love is when you're a teenager and how it can hurt.

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My soul mate

Even though it ranks as a romantic film, it is still a tearjerker. And yes, it is the kind of film that pulls the terminal cancer card in the middle of a romance. Because this is a real love story, one that begins in childhood and does not end.

The film takes the form of a bucket list since the young woman intends to take advantage of her last days to find her husband's next wife. A wish not so easy to realize...


We are here on the romantic comedy of the 1990s. The film was, in fact, released in 1995. It smells good vintage and the end of the 80s with a fashion that we do not see today.

Fashion is also the subject of this film, since in this film, Cher, a teenager from Beverly Hills, decides to give a makeover to one of her classmates. As you can imagine, Cher is the kind of girl who likes to spend money on clothes, while her friend doesn't care...

The Holiday

This is the film that typically answers to the romantic comedy. It has for him to have a hell of a cast and to be totally timeless. Indeed, despite the fact that it dates from 2006, it has not aged a bit.

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Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet live respectively in California and in the depths of England. They decide to swap houses. Also starring Jude Law and Jack Black.

The film breathes good humor and relaxation.

Sex between friends

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) arrives in New York to become the new art director of GQ magazine. Alone in the city after leaving Los Angeles, he meets Jamie in a bar. Jamie is a headhunter in a recruitment agency.

During their evening, they decide to maintain a simple relationship based on sex and their friendship. But, very quickly, this simple situation becomes complicated with the appearance of feelings...

The comeback

The Comeback is a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Grant plays Alex Fletcher, an ex-singer who lives off his royalties and past glory. A role that the Briton already knows from another film, Like a Boy.

His world is turned upside down when the star of the moment orders him a song and thus the possibility of returning to the front of the stage.

Isn't It Romantic

This romantic comedy gently mocks the genre itself. The heroine, Natalie, hates everything that has to do with romantic comedy. The little attentions, the sweet phrases, the kisses. And yet... When we look at her life a little closer, she is still well anchored in it.

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We appreciate the film for its freshness and its nonchalant side which is different from the other titles of the genre.

Little tricks

This romantic comedy meets all expectations. Harper and Charlie are both assistants. The first for a sports magazine and the other in a financial analysis company. They decide to make their bosses fall in love with each other to get some peace on the weekends.

We will have understood it, will be taken who believed to take...

Baby instructions for use

Two hardened bachelors find themselves obliged to raise the daughter of their couple of friends. They have nothing in common, except for this child who is not theirs. And they have no desire to sacrifice their respective careers for this last wish of the deceased.

But eventually they find common ground and a love is born, even if the flame does not burn brightly. With Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl.