Best Thriller Movies on Netflix: our Top 10

thriller movies

There is nothing like a good little thriller to spend a good evening. The genre excels in nuggets, both old and recent. Moreover, it is a genre that is easily renewed and where the action is fluid while carrying a suspense.


1990 is the year in which Martin Scorcese shoots this film. We know the director is very inclined to film the mafia. And he does not deviate from the rule here.

The film is an absolute reference in the genre and a must have seen for anyone. It traces over more than hours, two decades of ascent in the mafia. The hero, or anti-hero is Ray Liotta. He is accompanied by Joe Pesci and Robert de Niro.

The ending is masterful, like the whole film, and mixes the coldness of souls with the warmth of Italian hearts.

Training Day

Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke join forces in this action thriller. The latter plays a young trainee who joins the narcotics squad. But his integration does not go as he thought. His teammate doesn't seem as probing as he thought and doubt creeps in.

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The two actors give each other the line and increase the tension from scene to scene. The pressure is finally released at a moment that marks the climax of the film!


It's impossible not to have heard of Scarface. If it is also classified as an action movie, its place in the thriller is not in doubt. And even if the end is known, we like to see how Tony Montana goes from a small immigrant to a drug lord. A great Al Pacino, as we like him, with a pugnacious verve and the ability to get his hands dirty.

As a gangster film, it is still difficult to do better!

Patriot's Day

Patriot's Day is another thriller. It features Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon. The film is based on a true story, that of the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks. The two actors play cops. Following the attacks, they track down the terrorists.

Very good in their respective roles, the two actors take us into a breathless thriller.

Layer Cake

If Layer Cake makes you think of cakes, it is not quite the case here. The term refers rather to the layers that can be found in the banditry and how they fit together.

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Long before he played James Bond, Daniel Craig made an appearance in this film as a drug dealer. He is respected in the great family of British crime. But he dreams of a pension. He sees it peaceful, his former employers entrust him with a last mission before this retirement that they hope will last forever.

Gone Baby Gone

The suspense is intense in this film carried by Casey Affleck and a Morgan Freeman in great form. The theme is also conducive to thriller with the disappearance of a girl.

Following this disappearance, the family hires two detectives to find her. They are from a disadvantaged background, crudely portrayed. While the police play their bad role, where they do not move enough to find the girl while refusing outside help.

Shutter Island

If you like Leonardo DiCaprio, then this is the movie for you. Everything in this film is made to seduce. First of all, the script is masterfully directed by Martin Scorcese. It moves away from its theme of the mafia, but remains in a familiar register.

Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, we find Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow. Ben Kingsley embodies to perfection the role of director of the psychiatric hospital. A hospital that is not what it seems ...

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Mystic River

The film is getting old. And yet, it remains a reference in the psychological thriller. Notably for the interpretation of Sean Penn in this film and the heavy atmosphere throughout the film. An award-winning film.

25 years after having lost sight of each other, 3 old friends meet again following the murder of the daughter of one of them. Suspicions are then cast on one of the three companions, kidnapped and abused by thugs years before.


Produced by Netflix, this thriller is capable of shaking the most resistant. It slips slightly into science fiction, but keeps its crime thriller DNA anchored.

We investigate a serial killer who is elusive despite the implants implanted in each person. How does he manage to thwart the technology. We have a little taste of Minority Report.

El Camino

The film is a direct sequel to the series Breaking Bad. Or rather, a derivative. Indeed, the story follows the fate of Jesse Pinkman. Released by Walter Eisenberg at the end of the series, Jesse runs away in his car El Camino to take his life in hand. He is determined to leave everything behind, but fate doesn't always allow you to start over.