Best Sci-Fi movies on Netflix: our Top 10

top movies science fiction

Science fiction has been with us since Wells and Verne. The cinema has put its mark on it and has offered us many masterpieces in the last decades. Netflix also has some very good titles in its catalog.

Minority Report

Released almost 20 years ago, Minority Report is still a must-see SF movie today. Of course, like many other feature films, it is the adaptation of a novel. In this film, we find Tom Cruise, but also Colin Farell, Steve Harris or Jessica Capshaw.

In this film, the future mixes utopia and dystopia. Crime has disappeared thanks to a proactive management of sentences. In short, one is arrested and convicted before committing the irreparable. But this can turn into a nightmare for those who are convinced that they will never kill!


In this film, we are also immersed in a dystopia. The Earth has been burned by the sun's rays and we survive more than we live. A former NASA pilot, played by Matthew McConaughey, discovers a secret NASA center. Held by Michael Caine and his daughter Anne Hathaway, the goal is to launch a rocket to a new habitable planet.

With this SF movie, Christopher Nolan shows all his know-how with an exciting and moving film. And then, the special effects are incredible!

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Signing the great return of George Clooney to the screen in a blockbuster, Gravity has marked the spirits. Two astronauts are on a mission in space. They are George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. The mission goes well, until a meteorite shower hits their shuttle. They find themselves alone, in perdition, and without help. The will to survive will push them not to throw in the towel. Will they manage to return to Earth?

What marks the viewer are the camera movements. It's like being in space. However, beware of seasickness with the heroes spinning in the void.


Leonardo DiCaprio plays an experienced thief. But he's a special kind of thief. He is not interested in gold, silver or diamonds, even if he gets paid for his services. No... His specialty is secrets, because he is able to penetrate people's minds. The course of the story is tortuous, be careful not to get lost in the psyche...

To accompany the beautiful Leo, Tom Hardy and Marion Cotillard excel in their supporting roles.

Back to the future

Rather than a film, it is the trilogy that we are aiming at. Even if the film is starting to date, it is still very enjoyable. From the meeting of the two protagonists in the first to the return to a dystopian future in the second, it makes for some childhood memories.

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The only downside to the picture is that 3 is not yet available on Netflix...

Pacific Rim

One day, the Earth wakes up and discovers a new kind of monsters. They are the Kaijus. In reality, they are not creatures of our world, they arrived thanks to dimensional faults.

To fight them, the armies decide to build giant robots, the size of the titanic enemy creatures. The goal is to repel them, each time they try to attack the cities.

Kong, Skull Island

Who has never heard of King Kong? No one has! And yet, few people have actually watched the original film. It is probably a bit too old. That's why Hollywood has concocted a little remake for us. Good or bad, we let you judge...

An exploration team, composed of military and scientists, lands on an uncharted island and discovers a gigantic animal: Kong. A film with Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson. But also Brie Larson, who can be seen in Avengers as Captain Marvel.


2154, humanity is on its knees, and more divided than ever. On one side, the ultra-rich have settled in an artificial world in orbit. On the other side, the plebs have been reduced to slavery. Matt Damon is a severely irradiated worker. He has nothing left to lose and tries to reach the Elysium space base. Because there, they have the technology to treat him. A race for survival in a cyberpunk setting!

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A science fiction film, a disaster movie, 2012 embarks viewers in a spiral of natural disasters that literally lead to the end of the world. Because yes, 2012 is the year of the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar.

In this film, John Cusack is a divorced father who tries to save his family by taking them to a base, built in secret by the Chinese, which has shuttles to escape the apocalypse.

Jurassic Park

An anthology film, Jurassic Park has marked the last 20 years by the release of various sequels. If they are not all worth an Oscar, we must admit that they maintain the myth of dinosaurs. What's more, no film has succeeded, to date, in competing with the franchise on this field! Proof that it is indeed a must-see movie of anticipation / SF.