Best War Movies on Netflix: Our Top 10

best war film netflix

Hollywood is a master in the genre of revisiting historical battles, armed conflicts and transcribing them into fiction. Some are adapted very freely to make room for combat and violence. While others try to stay much closer to the historical truth.


300 is the story of Spartan soldiers and the film that revealed Gerard Butler to the general public. Led by Leonidas, king of Sparta, the troop goes back to the North. The objective is to cut the road to the army of Xerxes. The chosen place is Thermopylae, a narrow but obligatory passage to enter the Greek plains. Abandoned by the other cities, Sparta will hold on until the last man against the enemy.


The film takes place during the Civil War, the one that saw the North and South of the United States torn apart over the issue of slavery. During this war, the first African-American regiment takes position on high ground to fight the Confederates. The latter advocated the use of slavery in their economic model. It will be a bloodbath. The film is inspired by real facts, with Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.

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American Sniper

The film follows the life of an American soldier in the Iraqi conflict of the 2000s. Not just any soldier, a sniper. This one is played by Bradley Cooper. Throughout the film, he remembers by flashbacks of his missions on the ground, of the fights and the human losses. The scenes are very hard and very realistic. But beyond the simple images, the director Clint Eastwood launches the character in an introspection and a criticism of the war.

Sand Castle

In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction. As with many units, a section was deployed on the ground with a mission. A harmless mission, since it was to repair a water distribution system in a village. But the village is hostile to their presence, despite their good intentions. The film takes a raw look at the perspective of the liberator and the occupier.


With this film, we remain in the same region of the globe. But here, the film is not American and looks at a more recent conflict: that of the Islamic State. The caliphate has imposed itself by arms in a part of Iraq. That's where we find a group of Iraqi fighters fighting against the Islamic State. In the process, they try to save lives, but the reception is not always easy. And their mission is not often recognized and appreciated...

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Schindler's list

In this masterpiece of cinema directed by Steven Spielberg, the viewer follows the dilemma posed to Oskar Schindler. He is a German industrialist. He is put to work for the Nazi war effort. But if he succeeds professionally, he is not in tune with the policy of extermination. Under the pretext of using cheap labor, he managed to save 1,100 Jews from the Auschwitz camp. A story based on real facts. The film dates from 1993, but has not aged a bit with actors like Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson.

The fall of the black falcon

Who has never heard of this movie. Netflix offers us the chance to watch this movie again or simply to discover it. It is the story of American soldiers on a mission. The operation turns short when their chopper crashes in the middle of a war zone. They must then find a way to escape and reach their base, without reinforcements.


The film sends Brad Pitt to the front. We live the last hours of the Second World War. The Russians are at the gates of Berlin and the Allies are advancing in the West. In this context the men of Sergeant Wardaddy embark on a risky mission, to take a city with their tank. If Brad Pitt is in the lead, the rest of the team is also dreaming... Shia Labeouf, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal share the confined space of the tank.

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Triple Frontier

Netflix has also tried its hand at war movies. For the occasion, the SVOD platform has called on Ben Affleck to shoot the film. He plays a former soldier. One day, he is offered the opportunity to get his hands on the fortune of a drug lord. He then recruits a team to do the job, attracted by the easy money. But when they arrive on the scene, they realize that they are in a situation they didn't sign up for in the first place...

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

Wars do not only take place in existing conflicts. They can also be fantasize against enemies from outer space. This is the case for this film. More technologically advanced aliens land on Earth to take over the resources. Humans are just ants that need to be squashed. In the midst of all this, a platoon of Marines decides to resist to protect humanity.