BigBug, a good old French comedy


Who said that it takes millions of dollars and stars to make a good movie? Simplicity has no equal sometimes and with this film, Jean-Pierre Jeunet may prove it once again. It should be noted, however, that he calls on many known heads of French cinema.

In this case, Elsa Zylberstein and Isabelle Nanty whose humorous abilities are well known. They will not be alone, since Manu Payet, Alban Lenoir, François Levantal will be part of the show. André Dussolier will lend his voice.

As for the scenario, it is similar to the theme of another film, American this time, about artificial intelligence. Here, it is still a comedy.

In short: we are in 2050 and as we can imagine, artificial intelligence has invaded every corner of our lives. Humans can no longer do without it to solve their problems, satisfy their desires and meet their needs. It is during a normal evening that four domestic robots decide to take their owners hostage. Stuck in a suburban house, these humans tear each other apart under the eyes of the robots. All the clichés are there: the not quite blended family, the invading neighbor, the sexual robot.

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