We are the heroes : the opinion of the internet users

we are the heroes

Kids are the future. And for Netflix, children are also an audience that needs to be catered to with new movies, like this latest release from the streaming platform. The director Robert Rodriguez, who is at the helm here, is no stranger; he was responsible for Shark Boy and Lava Girl, released in 2005. The film borrows some characters.

On the whole, the film is rather coherent and takes up the great classics of the action genre for children. In fact, we are not far from a Spy Kids, but superhero version. Because yes, in this movie, it is the superheroes who are honored... Or rather: their children. Because aliens have invaded the Earth and captured all the superheroes. The population is at their mercy. But these aliens have forgotten one detail. The children of superheroes also have superpowers (as in Jupiter's Legacy). The little ones will try everything to save their parents and the whole Earth. The cast includes Priyanka Chopra, Sung Kan (Fast & Furious), Perdo Pascal (Narcos), etc.

For all that, the film seduces as much as it displeases. On the aggregation sites, the rating is barely over half. While Netflix boasts some 44 million family viewings! So here is what the Internet users thought...

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