Cinderella, a first trailer for the Amazon Prime Video feature film

cinderella amazon prime video

Just because Disney+ has almost all the cartoons that made our childhood doesn't mean that others don't have the right to invest in the princess department. In this case, Cinderella, a tale that has been adapted to the screen many times, more or less faithfully.

So it's Amazon Prime Video that sticks to the exercise. Or rather Sony Pictures, because, in reality, the film is a Sony production, distributed by Prime Video. If Sony chose to go through Amazon Prime Video to distribute its film, it is because of the opportunities in theaters. Indeed, too many films are already in theaters and the competition is tough. To avoid the risk of having too few viewers, the production decided to go through the streaming giant, as for Mrs. Claude . The film will be available for all subscribers from September 03. And, in order to make the mouth water, a trailer is unveiled.

We will recognize Camila Cabello in the main role. Pierce Brosnan dresses as the king, while Nicholas Galitzine plays the prince. The role of the cantankerous stepmother is played by Idina Menzel.

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