Danny Boon returns with a hilarious comedy: 8, rue de l'Humanité

8 rue de l'humanité

Danny Boon is a bankable actor who fills theaters by himself. The cast also includes François Damiens, Nawel Madani, Elie Semoun, Tom Leeb, Liliane Rovère, and others. Suffice it to say that the film is going to be tough with colorful characters.

And this is a Netflix Original movie. The American streaming giant has indeed ordered a French film for its audience. The planned release date is October 20 for all subscribers.

The film is entitled 8, rue de l'Humanité. One suspects that it is an address. A Parisian address. While the streets are deserted because of a pandemic and everyone is looking for the green of the province, 7 families have stayed in the building of 8, rue de l'Humanité. A light film, which does not fall into the horror or suspense.

This microcosm is representative of society since we find the scientist looking for a vaccine, the owner of an establishment who absolutely wants to reopen, the sports coach in videoconference, etc. There is even a hypochondriac and this will be reminiscent of the film of the same name (with the same actor). There is even a hypochondriac and this is reminiscent of the film of the same name (with the same actor).

By now, we have heard enough about confinement. However, seeing it on TV, in a movie has something cathartic about it. The film offers some comfort, as it should as a comedy, but it also tries to look back on this period when we would have liked to laugh too...

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If the film promises good humor and, let's admit it, an interesting cast, the scenario leaves us perplexed. Will it live up to the trailer and to our expectations? See you on October 20 (or 21) for a debriefing.