Disney+ offers a new live-action film about Pinocchio

pinocchio live action

As we know, Disney wants to dust off its catalog and offer updated versions of its masterpieces. To do so, the company with big ears resorts to live-action to offer revisited versions of its classics while keeping a good part of the elements that made their success. Among the titles that have already undergone this facelift are Aladdin and The Lion King.

In this month of September, it is Pinocchio to whom we rip the facade. Of course, it's not just a simple adaptation. To ensure the success of its new film, Disney is going all out. To do so, they called Robert Zemeckis to the rescue. The director is an old hand in the profession and knows all the tricks. He is not afraid to tackle a monument like Pinocchio. He has already been successful with Back to the future and Forrest Gump, to name just two.

For the rest, the film looks very close to the original cartoon. Of course, there will be some adaptations, as the trailer suggests. But the moral of the story, that of the wooden puppet who wanted to become a real little boy, is not touched, nor are the fundamentals. On the other hand, the characters evolve a little. The technique allows us to give them a more realistic body and thus create depth in the characters.

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In any case, as for the other Disney live-action films, this one is a must-see that can be discovered from this September 8th.