Enola Holmes 2, what we already know

enola holmes 2

A little over 6 months ago, Netflix surprised its subscribers with a movie unlike any other. Instead of making yet another more or less successful saga about Sherlock Holmes, the platform took a completely different direction.... That of Enola Holmesa relative of the famous detective.

Netflix has announced the production of Enola Holmes 2

After the success of the duo Millie Bob Brown and Henry Cavill in the first film, Netflix has agreed to create a sequel. Despite the fact that it is not a series and that Netflix is more likely to renew series than movies. However, it seems that the enthusiasm of the fans weighed in the balance. As well as the saga of books on which the film is based have several novels. So it is much easier to make a sequel with a script adapted from a book.

In fact, the first film followed the plot of The Double Disappearance and the second part will explore The Lady Alistair Affair which is the second novel of the series. Here, after having failed her two older brothers, Enola, the little sister, will go in search of a young lady who has disappeared in the slums of London.

The news of this release has of course delighted many fans. But this enthusiasm is to be tempered. Indeed, Netflix has not announced any official release date and almost no information has leaked.

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