Even more beautiful, the announced sequel of Tellement beau

Even more beautiful

People may remember "So Beautiful," a comedy released in August on the streaming platform Netflix. Less than six months later, the film is already seeing a sequel announced. What do they say... A sequel that enters the catalog, as it will be available for viewing on December 10, 2021!

Without much surprise, we find Marta, our heroine. Always fresh and sparkling, looking for love and with a lot of inventiveness to find it! Everything is not rosy of course, since Marta is suffering from an incurable disease that gives a much more touching side to the character. A character who does not let herself be defeated by this irreversible blow of fate.

Not surprisingly, the title of the film "Even More Beautiful" refers to the first opus and suggests that it will be even better!

Yes, Arturo, it's over. And 12 months have passed since. Exit therefore the handsome Giuseppe Maggio who played him. It would be necessary to do without it. But no matter, a compatible donor has been found and the hospital contacts Marta. A lifeline that helps her to get back on her feet, but that is only the beginning because she will meet other boys ... Including those played by Giancarlo Commare, Giuseppe Futia and Diego Giangrasso.

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