Fear Street, a horror saga by R.L. Stine

fear street

 R.L. Stine is a well-known writer who has written a very long series of horror books. A good part of them are directly addressed to young people and teenagers. He is the author of the Goosebumps series of books. If, with hindsight, some of the books can make you smile, it will not be quite true with the new series that is based on them. Its name: Fear Street.

Announced as a series, we already know that it will be articulated in 3 parts. Each part will deal with a different aspect of the story. They will be different, but revolving around the same story, inspired by the horror saga of the author.

It plunges the spectator into the city of Shadyside. The first part will focus on the strange events that take place there in 1994. The 90's were the most prolific years for the author and during which a good part of his work was written. It is therefore logical that the action takes place there.

Going backwards in time, the second part will take place in 1978, then the third part in 1666, having to refer to Satan. It is immediately understood that the events will be explained as the series progresses, learning why the strange facts exist.

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Netflix is taking advantage of the summer to give some chills. And without making the public wait, the three parts will be released during this month, one week apart. What to spare the suspense. Releases scheduled on July 2, 9 and 16, 2021.