Fire Island, a gay romantic comedy

Fire Island

Disney+ is opening more and more programs for adults, thanks to Star. This was the case for the sultry series Tommy & Pam. It is still the case for this new comedy 100 % gay and that will not convince the whole America. But at home, it will certainly be much easier.

Fire Island, 'is a paradise island located not far from Long Island, but intended for the LGBT community.

There are positive and negative aspects to this film. To begin with, it must be admitted that the film surfs on many clichés and only transposes what already exists to the community LGBT. There is a feeling of déjà-vu and replay that we would have liked not to feel. But against all odds, let's be kind.

Indeed, it is to this film's credit that it addresses a very sensitive issue that many gays prefer to hide. What would happen if there were no more straight people?

This means that straight people are often seen as oppressors. Gays are constructed in opposition and always refer to this Manichean vision. Except that when it no longer exists, there are still oppressors and oppressed. Beyond the sexual side.

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For the blow, that can throw a cold. Because you don't have to be straight to be homophobic. And it is not because one is gay that one is not necessarily racist or grossophobe...

The film will be available on June 3 and will feature Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Margaret Cho, Conrad Ricamora, James Scully, Matt Rogers, Tomas Matos, Torian Miller, Nick Adams, Zane Phillips, Michael Graceffa, Peter Smith and Bradley Gibson.