First Love, a Japanese comedy-drama worth seeing

First Love

Netflix is good. But sometimes, there is too much content. And if you look closely or if you know the Netflix catalog by heart, you quickly realize that the scriptwriters' tricks are often the same. So, sometimes it's better to deviate a little and go off the beaten track to discover new things.

Cinema is full of surprises, especially in foreign films. We recently wrote about My Name is Vendettaan Italian action thriller, and that also applies to this film. First Love is a Japanese film that is classified as a comedy-drama.

For us, we will limit ourselves to the title, because it is all we understand. First Love, at best it will remind us of a novel of Ivan Tourgueniev when we were in high school. But for the Japanese, it is mostly a reference to a popular song by Hikaru Utada. Unknown in our country... First Love, as well as Hatsukoi, are two of his most famous songs. And it is on them that the series rests a part of its scenario.

As much to say that for the common non-Japanese, many references will pass unnoticed. And yet, it would undoubtedly be worthwhile to dwell on them. For those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the archipelago.

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Still, the synopsis makes us want to watch this movie, available at the end of November. It's about two teenagers who fall in love, then lose sight of each other. As is often the case... The story then jumps forward 20 years. He is about to get engaged. She is married, divorced and living with her son, who knows his first love story.

We approve the scenario!