Full Metal Alchemist, the movie

Full Metal Alchemist

While releases are becoming more and more frenetic, there are some titles that we cherish and avoid releasing too quickly. This is the case for this movie, Full Metal Alchemist, whose story is directly based on the manga material. As with Arcane, the producers took their time to refine the feature film and offer a unique experience to subscribers.

The movie is actually not a movie. Netflix is planning to release 2 movies, the first one this August 20 and the second one in about a month: September 24. The films will be a direct sequel to the first. The story will revolve around a serial killer who is rampant in Central. He targets state alchemists. He is known to have an X-shaped scar on his forehead, which earned him the nickname Scar. Ed and AL are (inevitably) the target and when the fight breaks out with this mysterious character, they find themselves in a bad position.

In addition to this fight between the different protagonists, the film promises to deliver secrets about their father's past, state secrets, etc. The suspense will be at its peak until August 20.

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