Hocus Pocus 2, a sequel for the 3 sisters

Hocus Pocus 2

Hocus Pocus 2 is the sequel of the eponymous movie. Doesn't it tell you anything? That's possible... It was released in 1993! But it is a Disney classic.

It features the three Sanderson sisters. There is Winifred, Mary and Sarah. All three of them died more than 300 years ago during the infamous Salem witch hunt. The story takes place, in fact, in this region. The cast at the time included Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), Sean Murray (NCIS) and Vinessa Shaw (Eyes Wide Shut). In short ... that beautiful world.

For the sequel, Disney has also put the small dishes in the big. The original cast is back: Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Milder and Kathy Najimi! The whole thing is set against the backdrop of Ouija and Halloween night.

The film is designed for children, but some scenes a little scary will please them much less. It must be said that witches and Halloween can cause nightmares. But the film knows how to relax the atmosphere with some very funny scenes.

Older children who saw Hocus Pocus years ago will also be delighted to see their favorite characters again. Disney has also planned a few winks that only they will notice.

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See you on September 30th on Disney+ to watch this new feature film